Directed by Thiago Da Costa
Crisis & Turmoil is a 3 episode series of documentaries conceived by Vice Media & Figura Media and originally intended as featurettes to accompany the DVD release of Warner Brothers Oscar-winning movie ARGO. The episodes are all connected to the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979.
Episode 1

Episode 1 is an intense short documentary that interviews three of the surviving hostages of the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979. It delves deeply into their experiences, their struggles at the hands of their captors and examines the emotional scars left behind by the events.

Episode 2
Episode 2 profiles the security specialist Kent Haakonsson, of SIRAS Academy, on the strategies that he employs when it comes to securing embassies around the world.
Episode 3
In episode 3, Mike Ritz, a former interrogation specialist with the US Army, deconstructs the process of interrogation and shares his views on waterboarding.