Produced, directed and shot by
Thiago Da Costa

Toxic Guanabara (AKA Toxic Rio) is a 3 episode documentary series where filmmaker Thiago Da Costa exposes the troubling pollution problems of Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro. 

The Toxic Guanabara series was first released on Brazil’s GNT Channel and Globo Play, and then internatioanlly on Amazon Prime. 

Episode 1: The Sad Bay

In Episode 1, the biologist Mário Moscatelli shows part of his efforts in a project to depollute the bay.  He takes the viewer on a helicopter flight over the bay to show how bad the pollution problem really is.

Episode 2: The Chemical Bay

In Episode 2, the fisherman and activist Alexandre Anderson shows that fishermen in Guanabara Bay are losing productive areas to the oil industry.  He also takes the viewer on an environmental patrol and exposes environmental crimes affecting the bay. 

Episode 3: The Living Bay

In Episode 3, environmental analyst Klinton Senra takes the viewer through a guided tour of APA Guapimirim Preserve, the largest protected area of mangrove in Guanabara Bay.  Located just about 1 hour away from Rio de Janeiro, the preserve has managed to survive the predations of unplanned urbanization and pollution and still displays relatively clean rivers and some animal species that don’t exist anywhere else in the bay anymore.